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all the awesome groups who wanted/accepted affiliations with us ^^



1. Choose a free character, who isn't claimed
by someone else ( See the MEMBERS' list ).

2. Send us a note ( Type a subject like this:
"Application: Yamamoto Takeshi" [ It will
help us to categorize the notes ]) filling out the form below:

a) Which character do you want ?.
b) Why do you want to role-play as this
character ?.
c) Do you really think that you can role-play
this character ?.
d) Show us ( Please write a monologue [ It
should be a paragraph, meaning 4 or 5 lines
at least ], any subject will be accepted ).

We don't accept literary style ( Like a fan
fiction ) as a monologue. You must write in
first person, from your character's point of

ex: "speech speech speech" *action action
action* "speech" *action*

e) How many times a week do you think you
could check your comments ?.

f) Do you agree with the rules ?. (Yes/No)

3. Please do not create an account before
receiving the note telling that you?re in.

4. Once you?re in, don?t forget to submit an
Introduction Journal and Webcam/ID. If a
week passes after your account's birth and
you don't have an Intro Journal + Webcam/ID,
we'll send you a warning. If you ignore it,
your account will be taken away from you.

4a. Remaining confidential or mentioning your
regular account is up to you.

5. Please do not make your activity

6. If your account is ready to use, watch
the other members and the roleplay group
itself by pressing the button "JOIN OUR
GROUP" on the RP's front page.

7. Once you are accepted, please either make
your own icon or ask one of the founders for
one c: We'll try our best >A<

8. For OC characters fill out the same form
and include a profile about the the
character so we know how the character fits.



1.You can apply for an OC as long as you all
ready have a normal character.

2.You can have up to four characters
including an OC, but if you decide to drop
all of your normal characters then you must
drop your OC as well, however if you are
dropping you OC he/she will be removed from
the members list. This is to ensure your OC
remains your OC, unless you state otherwise. if it is felt that you can not cope with 4 characters you may be requested to drop a character or be denied a character this is at the discretion of admin and do have the right to say you can have any number of characters if it is felt necessary. please don't let tat put you aff applying ^^

3.You may have only normal characters but
only one OC per person. This is to make sure
that the RP doesn?t become over run with OCs.

4.This RP will not tolerate any type/form of
bulling/name calling/misconduct towards
other members. Everyone has the right to
enjoy themselves. If you have any problems
with any of the members then please inform
admin as soon as you can.

5.If you get three warnings for breaking any
of the rules you will be asked to leave.
Hopefully we won?t need to do such a thing.

6.If you have been inactive for longer than
two weeks then you will receive a warning.
If you remain inactive then you will be
removed from the RP. So please remain active.

7.If you apply for one of the seven
guardians then you can?t apply for another
one. E.G Yamamoto and Gokudera this also means that you can't apply for any guardian in another family if you have aready got one of their guadians but you can have a guardian from one family and one from another this so that there is 7 different people in each family ^^

8.If we do not answer your application after
two weeks please feel free to resend it. All
applications need to be approved by all
admin before a final decision will be made.
If any admin are on hiatus then a final
decision will be made once they return or a
group vote from members of the RP unless you
wish to wait for the admin to return.

9.All pairing accepted but only if the other
person agrees to.

10.Only KHR art accepted as long as YOU have
drawn it. OC art is of cause accepted as
long as it is on your OC?s account and is
relevant to the RP.

11.To apply for a normal account fill out
the fields stated. For OCs do the same and
include a profile, and their background.
This to show how they fit into KHR and their
character relationships.

12. If you are to report someone you need
some form of 'proof' to back up your 'story'
a print screen would work best as then it
cant be edited P:

13. welcome new members with a positive
attitude ^^ the more positive the more
welcoming the rp is ^w^

14. no godmodding, that means both OC and normal characters, if you dont know what godmodding means it means making your character basicly untouchable aka having no weakness. EVERYONE and everything has a weakness wheather we like it or not and you cant put 'XXX has a weakness that is secret' you HAVE to say what the weakness is in the characer sheet but you can state something like 'they dont like telling or letting people know their weakness' ALSO it doenst matter how powerful a character is it doesnt mean they are king of the world or somthing.
Note: if still dont understand this rule mail admin or co-admin

15. for those that want to have an OC thats related to a normal character you MIGHT get asked to changed the relationship because it wouldnt be very practical is someone like eg Hibari had 20 cousins and 5 sisters and brothers and so on XDD

16. Please remain in character at all times!!! YES that includes OC's aswell

Newest Members


Hi everyone let me welcome you to another KHR RP but with a twist!!! >3 As many of you are aware there are not many RPs that will allow for OCs (own characters) well this RP allows for OCs under strict controls so we don't get over run with them ^^ll Please follow the rules so every one can enjoy being in the RP and keep all OCs related to KHR please. HAVE FUN!!!


~DISCLAIMER~ All the characters used by us belong to Amano Akira. We're doing this for fun and do not gain any profits from role-playing.


:new:~WHATS NEW?~:new:


             Important message to all
:bulletblue: From: CEDFE-Basilicum (baba-chan)

Sorry to not be answering any requests or messages involving the rp but the admin is currently away due to an accident, until then just send a note (if your a character/member needing to be added to the members list) so when the dmin gets back she can add you, i would myself but i dont have the authority to do such things without her permission sorry for the problem D:

From: Sawada-Tsunayoshi-27 (Princess-Neko-Chan)

:bulletpurple: Firstly I regretfully had to remove 2 RPers from our group, that means all their accounts have been banned from the group. This wasn't done lightly. One thing I can not stand is CYBER-BULLING! This is a crimianl offence and I don't take this lightly. If you are being bullied then please inform one of the admin. At first I didn't believe that these 2 RPers were bulling but because of the way they speak to people it was clear that they were bulling the younger members of the RP. I'm really upset I had to remove them. If you are being bullied by people or are accused of bulling please inform admin so we can deal with it as soon as possable. Please speak up! I'm not going in to detales over it and I will not mention who they are as that doesn't help the situation.

:bulletpurple: as many of you are aware there is a new family in KHR we are allowing applications for the Shimon family as well as oc's read the rules and apply when your ready. ^^

also can we please get eh word around that we are here and accepting new members! we havn't had any in a long time T.T so please guys spread the word and get people to apply for characters we still have so many avilable. to the rest of you please get more active!!! i will be setting up one day a week where i expect everyone to be in the chatrooms and rping ^^ any way all of you have fun now ^^

also if you are giving up accounts please could you send admin a note! this is so we can give the character to some one else and remove you from the list. its upseting to see people give up accounts but its annoying and rude not to tell us!

:bulletblue: From: CEDFE-Basilicum (baba-chan)

there has been an update on the rules so just go through them to refresh your memory and know the new rule or two ^^

:bulletpurple: From: Sawada-Tsunayoshi-27 (Princess-Neko-Chan)


seen as noone has bothered to enter the competition except one person CEDFE-Basilicum i have decided to end the competition early! this means that CEDFE-Basilicum is the winner!

i would also like to thank neneno for allowing CEDFE-Basilicum to use their images in the avi on behalf off the whole group ^^

ok the winning avi is this… well done!!

:bulletpurple: From Sawada-Tsunayoshi-27 (Princess-Neko-Chan)

i have had an idea for an event so would like everyone to submit their views on whether the event should take place. You can give reasons why you have said 'yes' or 'no' on the event if you want but it would be better if you did so i will know for future events what people like best. ^^ Anyway the event i had in mind was a 'Swap Genders for a week' this is where all characters are the opposite gender. Thought it would be a fun and enjoyable event as it allows every one to have a laugh and to rp what their characters' would do in such a situation if it was to happen. please submit your ideas via note please. can't wait to hear your views.

:bulletpurple: From Sawada-Tsunayoshi-27 (Princess-Neko-Chan)

Just would like to mention that everyone is welcome to this RP please stay as active as you can ^^



:bulletpink: COMPETTION TIME: to create an avi for the group closing date: 29th March 2010.


:heart: MEMBERS :heart:



:heart:MSN KHR-OC-RP GROUP:heart:…



IC chatroom:…
OOC chatroom:…

sorry if you are not a member of this RP then you can't join in the chats




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